The quality of my jewellery is extremely important to me, but it may need some care and attention from time to time. You can follow these guidelines to ensure your piece stays in good condition.

Wearing & Storing your jewellery:

• Silver naturally tarnishes over time; however, tarnishing is usually delayed significantly if it is worn regularly. 

• Always remove your jewellery before showering, exercise and swimming.  Water, perspiration and chlorine can cause damage.

• Avoid spraying perfume and applying creams, suntan lotion or any toiletries directly onto your jewellery. Do not expose your jewellery to chemicals.

• Keep your jewellery away from extreme temperatures, humidity and direct sunlight.

• Items of jewellery should be stored separately, within a soft lined air tight container in a dark, cool and dry place to avoid tarnishing and scratches.

Cleaning your jewellery:

Use a soft and dry 100% cotton / microfibre lint free cloth to gently rub the surface of your jewellery and restore its shine. I would recommend purchasing a specialist jewellery cleaning cloth.

Gold plated jewellery:

Gold plating is a layer of gold over Sterling Silver. My pieces are classed as “Vermeil” which means they are plated with 2.5 microns of 24 carat Gold which I guarantee for 6 months, but with careful wear it will last much longer. Over time, this gold layer will wear away and reveal the silver underneath, especially in high pressure areas such as where the jump ring sits on the chain. This is not a fault in the piece.  You can prolong the gold plating by looking after your jewellery carefully and following this guide, which applies to both my Silver and Gold plated jewellery. Any piece that falls outside of my guarantee can be re-plated if and when required either through me or at your local Jewellers (re-plating, admin and postage fees apply).