I grew up in Leicestershire, UK. From an early age I spent many hours in my Dad’s wood workshop, where my love of making & design began. After going to art college at 16 and then studying jewellery and silversmithing at university in Birmingham UK, I spent 13 years working as a jewellery and watch designer for various high street brands.


Then in 2016 I had my son Malachy. It was time to slow down, reflect and work hard to do something to make my family proud. The mass produced accessories market had never sat well with me. I wanted my business to follow the principles of the ‘Slow Fashion Movement’ which represents all things eco, ethical and green, creating sustainable fashion. The only way I could make that happen was to go back to my roots as a maker, to have full control of the process and in turn the supply of materials. Knowing where everything comes from and being able to source local materials ensures that my work is as sustainably made as possible.


I set up my workshop in late 2017, where my initial body of work  focused on identity and my first collection was formed of the Lioness pieces. The Lioness came to being as a symbol of keeping my maiden name 'Lyons' when I got married. For me and you she is a talisman for strength,  equality, beauty and identity.




My pieces (that are heavy enough) are Hallmarked at the Assay Office in Birminghams historic jewellery quarter. The hallmark is an important feature, it represents who, where and when the piece was made and is a mark of quality.

I am influenced by old curiosities such as coins, watches, compact mirrors and classic jewellery symbols which I reimagine with a modern twist.  My desire is to create everyday timeless pieces.

Jewellery is my passion and I run my small business with purpose and with kindness to people and the planet.

Mikaela x