I grew up in Leicestershire, UK and from an early age spent my time in and out of my Dad’s wood workshop. After going to art college at 16 and then studying jewellery at university in Birmingham UK, I spent 13 years working as a jewellery and watch designer for various high street brands.
Then in 2016 I had my son Malachy. It was time to slow down, reflect and work hard to do something to make my family proud. The mass produced accessories market had never sat well with me. I wanted to follow the principles of the ‘Slow Fashion Movement’ which represents all things eco, ethical and green, creating sustainable fashion. 
I wanted to do something that was more meaningful and would last a lifetime and more; to create an heirloom that you can pass down to your loved ones and treasure. This is why the hallmark is such an important feature on all of my pieces, it represents who, where and when the piece was made and is a mark of quality.
My work focuses on identity and my main range is formed of the lioness pieces (based on my family name) which are positive talismans for everybody. The lioness represents strength, individuality, confidence, equality, beauty and identity.
I live in Birmingham, where every piece is designed, made and finished by me. Many of my pieces can be personalised emphasising the importance of identity and all pieces are individually hallmarked with my unique maker’s stamp at Birmingham's Assay Office.
My pieces are for everybody and I hope that they are worn and loved across generations.
Mikaela x