Ahead of Kratzer's trip to Paris Fashion week, photographer and runner Morgan Barfield caught up with long distance runner Mikey Kratzer to chat about jewellery and style while running. 


1. How does jewellery play a role in your running routine or races?

It plays a big role in both. I want to feel good while running and jewllery is one way of expressing your feelings. Sometimes calm and minimalistic and sometimes in your face just as different workouts have a different purpose what I wear on the day needs to suit my mood.

2. Do you have any specific pieces of jewellery that you wear for good luck or as a sentimental token while running?

Not really one specific piece but a few necklaces I got gifted last year that I always rotate. It’s a pearl necklace with a gummibear pendant and a lioness on an oversized chain.


3. Can you share a story about a piece of jewellery that holds special significance to you?

My grandpa gifted me a signet ring when I was young. After I got it I figured out it was not the same that my grandpa had but a slimed down version. It took me a while till I asked him why I got a slimed down version of his and he answered 'the small one you can have now and if you are ready you will get the big one.' I still only have the small one but maybe someday I grow into the big one.

4. Do you think wearing sentimental jewellery or even sentimental clothing / shoes affects your mindset and performance during a race or training session?

Definitely because I usually also train with it and during the race you think of the person you got it from or the time you got it and what happened since. A little bit of a mental trick to get your mind from suffering in a race and focusing on something positive.

5. How does the way you dress, accessorise contribute to your sense of identity as an athlete or runner?

As cheesy as it might sound but it really motivates me if I feel the fit. Rings ,necklace and some matching grillz definitely aren’t a daily but sometimes you need some flashiness to get you outdoors.

6. Describe your personal style.

Technical Modern Cowboy Punk

7. You have a lot of fun throwing together cool running fits on a daily basis, why is this important to you?

Because it makes me feel extra. Look good - feel good. Same with music on the run. You blast a great tune stride along look down to your feet and feel it. Kinda like the runners high but different. You lay out the kit put it on lace the shoes and feel different.



A word from Mikaela:

Jewellery can be incredibly sentimental, and I love that Mikey can use it in a race to help with his mindset. Its a small accessory that can be carried everywhere with you and carrying it on an important race can give you that piece of luck or drive to achieve something that is mentally and physically challenging. And as Mikey says, its also about feeling good and a way of expressing his personal style.

Thank you to Mikey & Morgan for words and images. You can follow them here: Mikey instagram and Morgan Instagram

Mikey's ML piece is the LARGE LIONESS coin on oversized chain. The beauty of this is that the medallion is fixed by a jumpring in the middle, meaning that the chain wont spin round while running and the clasp will stay firmly at the back of his neck. One of the Lioness's symbolisms is Strength, very fitting for an endurance race.